Thursday, March 12, 2009


SWSFC meeting of the board: reflections

3/29/09: SWSFC have its board meeting tonight. grand sumo talked about the americans in dc that are excited about the sumo. said they must keep it secret but also tell fighting friends to come. treasurying sumo said this is a weird conflict of interest. grand sumo no respond but seem mad.

second-vice sumo asked where the sumo suits are. grand sumo said i do not know, i thought you had them. second vice-sumo said no, i thought you were supposed to get them. treasurying vice sumo start to cry. grand sumo slap him. second vice sumo get PBR for everyone. the end.


Fact #1: SWSFC next match is 3rd day of the month of May of the year 2009 in the park of the Rock Creek in the District of the Columbia. This is generally called a Sunday. It is decided that the match will be at 2 pm, precise.

Fact #2: All shapes and sizes of participants can participate in SWSFC, which is safe and not scary. Because of this, the small females cannot cry.

Fact#3: The money of the participants is needed to pay for the cost of the SWSFC materials. Maybe one day, the art of the SWSFC will be free to all of the humankind.

Participants= $8 (paid here, one week before said match, which reserves a spot)
Spectators= $1 (paid upon the arrival)

Fact #4: For each match, there are 18 spots available. The victorious participant must do a lap of victory around a large unmoving tree.

Fact #5: SWSFC is ruled by the Grand Sumo. It too has a Treasuring Sumo who collects money, a Secretarying Sumo who collects observations, and 3 vice Sumos who do not do anything but still get the credit.

Fact #6: SWSFC members in the general sense do not talk about SWSFC, unless it is to recruit other members or, more important, for obtaining large sums of money or fame.

Fact #7: Grand Sumo can answer questions of the logistical and existential nature at his email address: